How to sell your start up in front of investors according to Bittu?


As told by Bittu, your startup or brand will aim to solve certain problems of the people. Hence when you are presenting your startup in front of the important investors, you need to speak of these problems which all people are facing. You will be aiming to solve these problems. All the problems that you speak of must be important and relevant ones. The investors should not be able to solve them right there in the room without even using any help from your startup. You must give priorities to some issues over others if you wish to win the trust of these people.

Providing solutions
Once you are done with listing the problems, you have to tell how you wish to solve them taking the help of your startup. You need to be really compelling out here, convincing everybody. Good oratory skills need to be employed here for the good of your project.
A demo or mock working of your application or startup website needs to be presented right after this; hence everything about your startup will be imprinted in the minds of these people. Bittu Kumar tells to physically demonstrate everything here for the people to enjoy.
Nothing works for free in this world. The investors will pour in their money and of course, expect lots in return. Hence you must keep a business model for your startup ready to show them from where all the money will be acquired. The investors will be quite happy about his prospect undoubtedly.
The number of people or the sector of the market that you wish to reach out to, with the help of your product has to be clearly mentioned in your article. In this way, the people have a good idea regarding how big your project is. Bittu tells you all about the way to go forward.