One of the best travel agency of Singapore- Consortium Bus

(Konsortium Bus) Consortium Bus is the travel agency of Singapore. They are the one of the best travel agency in Singapore. They are also a member of national association of the trip agent and express bus agencies services. They provide the bus facility in Singapore more than a hundred routes daily. Also, they provide service of a tour package, and also they provide the service of charter bus services.
They also offer the express bus service from the route from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, and also provide express bus service route from Singapore to Perak, gentling highland to Singapore and also provide many another bus service in the Singapore.

This travel agency daily departs from Singapore to various cities just like Perak and Swiss Garden tbs Kuala PUR and many other cities. This travel agency is more popular as a comparison to the other travel agency available in the Singapore. The main reason for their popularity is that it provides luxurious bus coaches to their customers.
That are fully air conditioned and also the seats of the bus are very much comfortable. You can travel a long distance from there buses easily. And also the drivers of the bus agency are fully trained in driving, and all the drivers have their own license of driving and also they all well educated. Travel agency also provides them training to drive carefully on the hilly area and difficult routes.
They also provide training to their drivers on how to behaves with their travelers and deals politely with complaints of the travelers. Travel agency also provides meal service on the bus to their travelers. Travelers no need to bring food from home for their traveling. They provide fresh meals according to the choice of traveler.
Consortium bus agency also provides other services like tour packages in which they also provide accommodation services and food services to their travelers so that their travelers can enjoy their journey without any worry.