The description of Bolt an Barrel in AR 15

The bolt and barrel are considered to be the prime ar 15 parts. The choice of the barrel is the key to design and customize AR 15 ammunition. This is a part that is often ignored by most of the individual who customize the AR15 guns themselves as they are busy with the guards of the hands, the spaces of the rails, the stock that is collapsible in nature, and the lasers as well as the light that hangs from the rails of the rifles regarding fitting and the safety when firing. The barrel of fourteen to sixteen inches usually helps in firing ammo to a distance of four hundred yards. The one MOA is the most used and common among the shooters, however, the two to three MOA on the same setup is often used by the most creative shooters for practicing purposes.

The extension of the barrel is commonly present on most of the AR 15s. This is present in the end which is located just opposite to the muzzle. The muzzle then goes on to the upper part of the receiver and is fixed with the help of nuts as well as houses specially designed for the barrel to fit properly within the chamber. The erosion of the throat is commonly executed by the barrels designed for the shooting of greater rounds as compared to the normal ones. This can lead to adverse and multiple shootings in a dangerous manner and harsher conditions.
If an individual opts to purchase one of the barrels that had been used earlier, it is always recommended that they use the gauge for the headspace and first let a professional properly investigate and check it before use. The chambers for the line of chromes are much in demand for the easier cleaning techniques and durability.