Buy SoundCloud Plays, the social network for musicians

The SoundCloud platform has become the best tool so that new artists can promote and distribute their musical projects easily and effectively throughout the world while achieving a direct connection with the creative community and its fans.
In SoundCloud, anyone can enjoy the best music of the most established artists and new talents. Exclusive and attractive material such as demos without editing, podcasts and much more are an original part of its extensive catalog.

These new music and audio creators can use the SoundCloud promotion service to distribute and promote their songs and to monetize the work. In addition, the statistics allow knowing better the public, discovering what they like and how far their music arrives.
The SoundCloud promotion packages are specially designed to share new music and provide tools for creators that can be used from any time and place through the web or mobile applications. In addition, the player and the audio cards allow sharing the tracks in music blogs and social networks.
The plans offer different possibilities of uploading content. The free has a limit of 3 hours and has basic statistics that account for reproductions, likes, comments, downloads and more. Thus, you can measure your progress and connect with the public.
The pro and pro unlimited plans have a cost of $ 63 and $ 135 per month respectively, the first with a limit of 6 hours and the second without limits. These offer extended statistics through which you can see who has played the most tracks, as well as reproductions by city, country, web pages and applications.
All plans can be tested for free for a month and once purchased, include a 30-day money back guarantee.
To build a fan base and make your songs more popular you can buy SoundCloud Plays, an additional tool to attract the attention of the record companies that watch SoundCloud.