Why pneumatic cylinders are popular for various applications?

The air cylinders are the major components of several machines in the industries. The automobile vehicles use the pneumatic cylinders mainly than other type of cylinders. Firstly, they are the cylinders, which use the gas that compressed to produce a force. This force then move the piston in any required direction. In simple words, they use air pressure to generate a force to shift the piston. In this cylinder, compressed gas is used. This makes it different from hydraulic cylinders. The mounting hardware is easily available in the market. The useful accessories about air cylinders are also easily available in the online market for buyers. Here, various applications and their reasons are given.

The major applications of pneumatic cylinders are:
• Automobile industries
• Motorcycle
• Elevators
• Lift equipments and Forklifts
• Robotics
• Space programs
• Trash compactors
• Airplane
• Mechanical machines
The range of the applications of this kind of air cylinders is so vast, as the benefits of them. The major benefits include easy use as well as easy maintenance. Another feature of them is the safety. Using them in the industries is safe. System failure is very rare in case of these air cylinders. They are also small in weight.
Another great reason that it use in automobile industry is its small size. The pneumatic cylinders require small fluid storage space. They work in the system with cleanliness. The pneumatic actuators are readily available in different sizes as well as for each application. The industries can use specific kind of these actuators for each type of unique application. They have a high speed in operation. The installation of these cylinders is very simple for the industries. The low cost of buying as well as installation of these air cylinders is also a great reason for their high use in different industrial purposes.